• Roughnecks Repairing
  • Roughneck On Scaffold
  • Classic Roughneck Portrait Photography
  • Roughneck & Drill-Bit
  • A Roughneck Portrait
  • Roughneck Action Photography
  • Roughneck Repelling On Derick
  • Worker Photography
  • Roughneck Rests.
  • Roughneck Action Hose
  • Roughneck Operator Portrait
  • Oil & Gas Detail Photography
  • Roughneck Feet Detail
  • Roughneck Gloves - Detail
  • Roughneck Action On Rig
  • Roughneck Portrait
  • Roughneck Team
  • Construction Worker
  • Roughneck Close Portraits
  • Roughnecks At Work
  • Laughing Roughneck Portrait
  • Roughnecks Work Oil
  • Roughneck Portrait Gaze
  • Roughneck And Water
  • Roughnecks on Rig
  • Roughneck Action Photography.
  • Roughneck Oil & Gas Photographers.
  • Roughneck Laughing Photo.
  • Cowboy Silhouette
  • Roughneck Competion Well
  • Roughneck Portrait Wide Angle
  • Oil derrick Plains Colorado.jpg
  • Geese Oil Derrick.jpg
  • Greeley Co Energy Photography.jpg

Energy Photography

This portfolio is comprised of oil and gas roughnecks portrait and action shots. Although many of the of the images are portraits, none of these photographs of energy workers were posed. Colorado energy photographer DeCroce travels to Texas, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and other western locals to capture exciting oil and gas photography.

Oil & Gas Detail Photography

A roughneck's hand in glove grasp drilling pipe in this oil & gas photography image.