Philosophy And Style Of Denver Photographer - DeCroce

My passion is to design real-life photographs that transcend the ordinary snapshot and become a work of art.

I like pictures that tell a real-life story and have an insight into the lives of the people I photograph. Whether I’m making a portrait for a top executive, documenting movement or illustrating new technology, I look for the kind of subtle language that belongs to a precise moment.

I’ve learned when to provide direction and when to be silent. One of my greatest challenges as a photographer, is to transition between photojournalist and confidant. Too much direction, can spoil spontaneity.

I aim for my works to contain elements of these four: Photojournalism, Fine-art photography, Fashion photography and Classic portraiture.

Working on photographs after capture will always be part of what separates a great photographer from an ordinary one. But I strive for the kind of details that don’t draw attention to themselves.

People who choose me as their photographer expect artistry seasoned with experience.

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